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From September 2014 we phased in a two year KS3.  

The curriculum followed throughout the first two Years 7 and 8 includes the full range of National Curriculum subjects - English, Maths, Science, Art, Citizenship/ PSHE, Design Technology, French, Geography, History, ICT, Drama, Music. At Year 8 Spanish is introduced as a second language.

PSHE, includes Careers Education,  British Values, Keeping safe and SMSC.  Philosophy and Religion (PR) is taught following the Shropshire SACRE Agreed Syllabus and Health Education (including Sex Education) which is partially taught through Science.  Learning Support assistants are attached to individual pupils or classes in different subjects as appropriate.  Depending on individual arrangement in each subject, pupils will find themselves working in setted groups based on ability, mixed ability groups or tutor groups. In Year 8 Spanish is introduced.

Pupils are prepared for school examinations and assessment and are guided carefully through an Individual Learning Plan (ILP) prior to their decisions about the curriculum most suited to them at KS4 and beyond.


From September 2015 this has become a three year programme. 

All pupils follow the National Curriculum Core subjects, English, Maths and Science. The ‘entitlement’ areas of Humanities, Languages, the Arts and Design Technology are accessible through courses in the foundation subjects: - Art & Design, Design Technology, Geography, History, ICT, Music, MFL, PE and Citizenship.

Our courses lead to a range of approved qualifications. Full Course GCSE, BTEC, the flexibility to combine courses in order to achieve the English Baccalaureate, and City and Guilds Level 2 vocationally related qualifications.

A full IAG programme supports pupils in their curriculum decisions for KS4.  The Pastoral Leader for the cohort is key to the process and is supported in providing guidance through the cohort analysis provided by the school's Data Manager. 

In English and Maths, students are set by ability. Science offers Double Science and Triple Science. In all other subjects students are usually taught in mixed ability groups. How students are grouped is at the discretion of the Head of Department in discussion with the Senior Leadership Team and Data Manager.  Curriculum models provide HODs with the flexibility to adjust pupils' 'sets'.

As at KS4, Learning Support is attached to groups or individual students in class as appropriate.

Religious Education: All students are taught the locally agreed syllabus, SACRE (Standing Advisory Committee for Religious Education) and follow a short GCSE (not examined) or a full GCSE course. We acknowledge parents have the right to withdraw their children from Religious Education lessons.

Work related learning and Careers Education: A programme of Careers Education for pupils in KS4 is followed through PSHE, Citizenship lessons and/or our 'allocated PSHE slots'.  The Careers programme helps pupils to choose and prepare for opportunities, responsibilities and experiences in education training and employment. A part time Independent Careers Officer is available in school.

PSHE and related areas:  PSHE, SMSC, British values and Keeping safe are included. Philosophy and Religion (PR) is taught following the Shropshire SACRE Agreed Syllabus and Health Education (including Sex Education) which is partially taught through Science.

Vocational Provision at KS4: We are committed to providing for all students a range of good quality vocational options with which they can progress. We are part of 4 secondary Schools “WAVE” offering programmes in Hair, Beauty, Motor Vehicle and Carpentry.  Courses are at Level 1 and Level 2.  

Work Related Learning:Several areas of the school curriculum deliver key aspects of the Work Related Learning entitlement.  Together with this some students in Year 10 take on a work placement for one week in the summer term.

Personalised Learning: Beyond supporting ability groups, learning styles and students interests we occasionally provide 'bespoke' curriculum provision for students with specific individual needs.  Students may be withdrawn from elements of the curriculum and provided with bespoke programmes through our Pastoral Support team.


Students are offered a variety of subjects and a range of qualifications to best suit their needs: A2, AS, Applied GCEs, Level 3 BTEC Qualifications and GCSE re-sit courses.  Our policy is to develop the KS5 Curriculum to meet the changing needs of today’s students and to keep abreast of National developments.

A full IAG programme supports pupils in their decisions. An entry requirement policy is followed.  We offer an enrichment programme in order to provide more breadth and interest to student’s studies.  We have provided General Studies and Extended Project courses for this purpose.  

All Sixth Form pupils follow a tutor and core programme which includes PSHE, RE and related areas.