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Overview of the History Department

The History department at Oldbury Wells is committed to high quality learning. This enables students of all ages and abilities to achieve their best when studying History. In all key stages we seek to make lessons challenging and enjoyable. We aim for students to arouse their interest in the experiences of people of the past. Our aim is to develop understanding of the past and the identities of our own culture. We also wish the contributions of others in the world to be learned.

We are committed to the ideas of the Schools History Project. With its emphasis on developing the thinking skills of students, handling the sources that are at the heart of our studies. And of the past and investigating change and its causes. This informs our approach to the study of History in Key Stage 3 together with the National Curriculum for History. These skills and approaches are further developed in Key Stages 4 and 5. History is a popular option for students in these Key Stages. And one where they enjoy a great deal of success.

At whatever stage students complete their study of History, they will have developed their understanding of the past, many peoples and cultures and skills essential for investigation and analysis.