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Chromebook Programme

Following on from parental requests we are pleased to announce the launch of our Chromebook Programme. This will enable our students to use the device to support homework and be prepared for any future period of distance learning. As a school we are committed to improving our student’s digital literacy whilst supporting the high-quality teaching and learning that takes place in lessons.

We have selected Chromebooks as they are extremely secure, easy to use and can operate both Google apps and allow access to the school’s Office 365 software.

Full details of the scheme can be found below:

We have paired up with a company called Freedom Tech to provide Chromebooks at favourable rates; you can buy them outright or from £14.79 per month– significantly less than you’d be able to buy a similar package for elsewhere. Please read the flyer leaflet for further information, including Frequently Asked Questions, details of how to place an order and who to contact for further information. We consulted closely with other schools who have more experience than us of students using laptops and are confident that the Chromebooks we are recommending provide the right balance between affordability and performance; they certainly do more than enough for what any student needs for their schoolwork. Please also note that they come with excellent 3-year, £0 excess warranties and accidental damage/theft policies – both very important where teenagers are concerned, we would suggest!

You do not have to buy one and we would not recommend buying one if you have a working laptop or desktop computer at home that your child can use whenever they need already. However, if your child doesn’t have access to their own device, we do believe that in the current climate having one will support their learning at home and we do encourage you to give this consideration. Even if they are not needed for online lessons, it will still be very helpful to have a suitable device to help with homework over the next few years.

We are currently only using these devices to support homework and any potential future distance learning. In the future we may look at allowing these devices to be used in lessons, but at present we want to offer you the opportunity to access robust equipment at a competitive price. Once again, please don’t feel you have to buy a Chromebook if you do not need or want one – and please do let me know if you cannot find answers to any of your questions in the flyer.

If you wish to order a device the order window opens on the 14th October and closes on the 10th November. Log in details are as follows:

Web Address:

Username: Oldbury21

Password: S3cure02!

In the meantime, if you have questions please contact:  or call 0203 857 5632

or contact the school via