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We carefully manage the process of moving from junior to secondary school.  This is led by the Year 7 Pastoral team and supported by our SENCO.


Year 6 Transition Dates 2018

New Parents Evening: Tuesday 8th May 2019 and Wednesday 9th May 2019 (6.30pm West Hall)

Visits to primary Schools: W/c 20th May 2019 and w/c 3rd June 2019

Year 6 Singles Taster Days (for pupils who are the only one from their primary to come to OWS): Thursday 27th June 2019

Year 6 Main Taster Day: Thursday 4th July 2019


New Parents Evening

The purpose of the evening is to enable us to introduce ourselves to you and our new pupils and for you to meet us and learn more about the school.  We will talk about the school and its organisation, and about the information regarding the transition from primary school to Oldbury Wells.


Visits to Primary Schools

Key staff from Oldbury Wells will be visiting each primary school.  The purpose of this visit is to meet with and obtain relevant information on each child which will enable a successful transfer from primary to secondary school


Year 6 Singles Taster Day

We all know the transition into secondary school can be an anxious time, especially for some pupils, moving from a school on their own.  This can create anxieties which we are keen to alleviate.  In order to make this process easier for pupils, we feel it is important to spend some time familiarising themselves with their new surroundings so we invite those lone students to come in for a day to get to know each other before our main Taster Day.


Year 6 Main Taster Day

We feel it is beneficial for all year 6 pupils to have the opportunity to experience a taster day at Oldbury Wells before they join us in September.  During the day they will be following a sample timetable, getting to know various members of staff and finding their way around the buildings.