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Transition 2020


Welcome from Mr Smith

Head of Year 7


Dear Year 6 pupil,

Hello and a very warm welcome to Oldbury Wells Secondary School!

My name is Mr Smith and I am in charge of Year 7. It is my job to look after you as you get ready for secondary school and look after you when you are officially a Year 7 pupil at Oldbury Wells. I would like to say welcome and congratulate you on gaining a place at Oldbury Wells! Normally I would stand up on stage in the West Hall and say this to you face to face; but as you know, sadly, I can’t do that right now and hence I’m writing this letter to you.

We are all finding these times quite a challenge, but I want to make sure you are excited rather than worried or anxious about starting your secondary schooling. This year we are going to have to make some changes about how we get to know you and how you get to know us.

Usually I would be coming to visit you at your school. I would get to know a little bit about who you are, what you like about school, if for example, you are a keen sports person, like writing amazing stories, find a thrill in investigating science and solving problems in maths or have a love for being creative. It would also be a chance for you to ask me any questions that you have about coming to Oldbury Wells in September. Popular questions have often been, “what’s on the lunch menu?” “who will be my Form Tutor?” what happens if I get lost?”, “who will be in my Form?” and indeed many others.

This is also the time of year that you would be coming for your full taster day at Oldbury Wells, to experience a day with us, get to know your way around a little, meet some teachers and start making some new friends. We still want to do these important things with you, but we need to find a different way of to do this and some things may take longer to achieve. But, let me reassure you that your smooth transition to Oldbury Wells is very important to all of the teachers and we will do as much as we can to help you feel informed and settled ready for September.

What you need to do now:

  • Explore the folders below. 
  • Look out for the “New Parents Handbook” and read through this carefully.
  • Look at the other information we have made available for you, for example, where and how to get your new uniform!
  • Look at the activities we would like you to have a go at which will help us get to know you better. Please have a go at the “The Flying Start Project”, and if you want more things to do have a look at some of the Transition Activities.
  • We will be placing several very useful links and videos also in this section which we hope will give you the opportunity to get to know more about us as well. There will be more video links to look out for very soon.
  • Each week we will put a new “challenge page” on the website for you to have a go at.

Now we can contact you and your parents through our Text messaging service we can regularly update you with new information. We can start to communicate with you about all the things you will want to know about before you start with us. All I ask now is that you look out for more Text messages for updates we have for you and check our web site regularly.

Kind Regards to you all,

Stay Safe and work hard


Mr Smith

Head of Year 7 Oldbury wells school