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Mr Kiapene awarded Doctor of Education Degree

As a school, we are delighted to announce that Mr. Kiapene has been awarded his Doctor of Education Degree from the University of Warwick.

During the past five years, Dr. Kiapene has worked towards this prestigious achievement – researching ICT Integration into Mathematics education at secondary school level. Mr. Kiapene’s ethos in line with the school has always been “you can do anything if you put your mind to it” and so set himself on a journey researching the teaching of Mathematics in the hope of visualising, realising, and tackling the negativity around mathematics education through the use of ICT. Those who have been taught by Dr. Kiapene will be familiar with his desire to enthuse the learner irrespective of the age range and ability. He is an inspiration to our students; aim high and aspire to do your very best, and you will achieve great things.

Dr. Kiapene described the challenges he faced in balancing his studies, teaching, and family. Self-denial did not distort or sway him from his target because of his awareness that going without, investing one’s time productively and self-discipline can separate you from the crowd. We know students are surrounded by different kinds of distractions, but it important to have a finish line in mind, remain focused, and to be inspired to work tenaciously toward your individual goals and ambitions.

Undertaking a Doctorate study involves annexing all available literature of the topic, clearly explaining one’s methodology for carrying out a line of inquiry, and collecting/analysing primary/secondary data that could help the researcher to contribute to the existing body of knowledge. This presented several challenges including: the data collection process (repeatedly visiting a particular school to collect questionnaires), finishing a day’s teaching at OWS and then driving to Warwick where he was now a student, being the student questioning the supervisors, pages of work he has spent hours/days writing only for them to be disregarded by his supervisor and financing the studies himself. The worst was undoubtedly the Viva where he was interviewed and questioned about his work. He had a goal and so was relentless and undeterred by the thought of giving up and encouraged himself with the adage “quitters never win, and winners never quit”.

Dr. Kiapene expressed his profound appreciation for all members of the Oldbury Wells School community, past and present, that supported him. According to him, he could not have done it without the friendly and caring school community. A BIG THANK YOU.

Dr. Kiapene is an inspiration to our students: always aim high and aspire to do your very best, and you will achieve great things.