Inspiring Education, Inspiring Lives!

Our Purposes
We secure personal successes and positive futures for our students; we enable them to meet their potential and achieve their goals.
We empower our students through effective education, life-skills and personal development so that they can fulfil a valued and rewarding place in society.

Our Actions
We provide an education that is first-class, rounded and modern providing rich opportunities and experiences, through a commitment to using the best resources, which create real opportunities for our students’ lives.
We foster high aspirations, develop our students’ potential and nurture their drive for success whilst challenging and supporting each individual to be their best.

Our Style
We challenge our students to work hard and be actively involved in their learning with open minds and a determination to succeed. We challenge our teachers to create engaging and enjoyable classes, where a love of learning and imaginations are stimulated.
We share a commitment of purpose and a pride in our school; we work together as a team with a friendly, caring ethos - through this partnership recognising and respecting our varied roles.

We value our teachers, as inspiring and forward-looking; we recognise that they provide a stimulating environment and demonstrate a passion for learning.
We recognise our students as keen to learn and friendly, with enquiring and open minds; we help cultivate their aspirations and secure their commitment to their learning.
We have a dedicated, motivated and hard-working staff who are great role models; they show our students how to strive to be their best.


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