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Trips and Visits

How do we allocate places?

Essential – Curriculum Trips

These are defined as visits that are essential to support the learning of pupils. Examples include Geography fieldwork for GCSE/A level that is a prerequisite of the course.

All students would be offered a place to take part in these enrichment activities.

Extra Curricular/Enrichment Trips

These trips tend to be limited in numbers due to the school needing to adhere to teacher/student ratios to ensure safeguarding and also due to ensuring that the trip is cost effective for parents. We will endeavour to offer the maximum number of places within these guidelines.

In the event that demand for the trip exceeds the number of places, the following criteria will be used:

Priority A

Students who have been unsuccessful in being allocated a place in the past on the same trip.

Priority B

Students who are studying the subject.

Please also be aware that a reserve list may also be in operation in some trips.


Please see our rewards system for 2020/21