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Information For Staff

There are eight Gatsby Benchmarks to work towards within our careers studies. 

The benchmarks form the backbone of the DFE's guidance for delivering careers education in schools. 

The DfE sets out why these benchmarks are important: 

  • “Every school and college should have an embedded programme of career education and guidance that is known and understood by students, parents, teachers, governors and employers”
  • “All teachers should link curriculum learning with careers.”
  • “The curriculum offers excellent opportunities for developing the knowledge and skills that employers need and subject teachers can be powerful role models to attract pupils towards their subject and the careers that flow from it. Schools should ask all teachers to support the career development of young people in their tutorial role and through their subject teaching”

Careers in the Curriculum

  • ALL TEACHERS should link careers to their subject area.
  • Students can't choose the best career path for themselves if they don't know what jobs are out there.
  • By adding in careers information into lessons students can understand the variety of jobs on offer.
  • Students can often say what subjects they enjoy but can't often say what jobs they could go into with a love for that subject.
  • Lessons can also include employability skills such as presentation, teamwork and leadership

Teachers are influential:

  • Students are 18 times more likely to be motivated to learn if their teachers know their hopes and dreams.
  • 57% of young people surveyed would speak to a teacher about what to do next (HeppSY partnership report 2020).
  • Careers and employability learning can support the economy by enabling effective transitions (Hooley 2014).
  • Low achievers and less engaged learners benefited the most.