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Art and Design

About Our Subject

The Art and Design Department at Oldbury Wells School provides a rich and stimulating environment for our students to work in with 2 large classrooms, and a sixth form studio space. Creativity and experimentation are strong elements of our work which run alongside key skills such as developing effective observation techniques, gaining an understanding of the design process and using inspiration from Art and Design practitioners to develop work. We offer other activities as part of our enrichment curriculum such Art clubs at lunchtimes. Students can also take part in competitions such as the National Photography Competition and the Recreating Art project. We hold a yearly GCSE and A level Art exhibition to celebrate the work of our students in KS4 and 5. We have also worked in the community on projects to produce design work for Arley Arboretum and an illustrated map and flyers for Daniels Mill, Bridgnorth. 



Through the Key Stage 3 curriculum, students experience a wide range of projects including themes such as architecture, Pop Art, portraits and signs and symbols. Within these units’ students develop an understanding of the influences of different artists and designers and experiment with a range of media. During Key Stage 3, students build on their observational, practical and critical skills, extending their knowledge and experience of materials, processes and techniques. They become more independent in using visual language to communicate their own ideas, feelings and meanings to develop the ability to be creative thinkers and independent learners. 



At GCSE students build on the skills learnt at KS 3 to produce more enhanced observation, media, contextual study and design work. They are encouraged to develop more intuitive and imaginative work and are introduced to new techniques and processes such as Photoshop using ICT to develop graphic design ideas. Students can decide on personal themes to develop their portfolio so that they can create personalised projects. They can work to their own strengths within Art and Design such as developing their work in Fine Art (painting and drawing), Mixed Media, Graphics or Illustration. 



Students have their own dedicated Sixth Form Art studio so that they can use independent study time to work on Art and Design project work. Sixth formers develop personal projects working on different scales to push the limits of their work. They are encouraged to work experimentally in both 2D and 3D and this is balanced with high level observation work. Students develop their contextual understanding by studying both historical and contemporary Art and they are able to study this first hand during an Art trip to London. 

Opportunities for progression: Over the last few years students studying A level have moved onto degree course studying a variety of specialisms such as Photography, Fine Art, Graphics and Illustration, and Film and Theatre studies.