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About Our Subject

In Geography at Oldbury Wells we study our dynamic planet, ever changing since it’s creation 4.5 billion years ago. We support students to understand the earth’s past, complex present and possible futures.

We study how our planet is shaped by physical forces such as shifting continents, cascading rivers and changing weather, altered by human activities such as farming and urbanisation, affected by political decisions and how the environment is being significantly altered by our actions.  We support our young people to understand the world around them, the local, national and global issues that affect them and to know the role they can play in solving our planet’s problems. 

The Geography department at Oldbury Wells is forward thinking, committed to delivering a curriculum that provides pupils with key geographical knowledge and understanding. We develop our young people’s place knowledge and geographical skills and nurture appreciation for our amazing and diverse planet. We support students to develop their own world view and challenge their future role and place in the world. 

We have well qualified subject specialists with a diverse range of experiences and passion for our planet.  Our geography staff have travelled to every continent except Antarctica, climbed the peaks of Patagonia and been enthralled by the eruptions of Mount Etna, these experiences enrich our lessons and take learning far beyond the text books. There are two large teaching rooms with direct access to the spacious and varied outside areas of Oldbury Wells School, enabling us to bring learning alive by seeing Geography in action.

The Geography curriculum at Oldbury Wells provides a good balance between human, physical and environmental themes. This is reflected in the range of topics studied by all students at Key Stage Three in years 7, 8 and 9 and our choice of modern and progressive exam specifications at both GCSE and A Level.

GCSE students studying the Edexcel B 9-1 Specification focus on three key themes:

Global Geographical Issues- such as Climate and Development

UK Geographical Issues- such as our evolving coastal landscapes and                                       dynamic urban areas

People and Environment Issues and making geographical decisions- such as consuming energy resources and people and the biosphere.

A level students studying the Edexcel A level specification focus on four key areas:

Dynamic Landscapes – such as the management of tectonic hazards and disasters.

Dynamic Places – such as the development and environmental challenges of globalisation

Physical systems and sustainability – such as the carbon cycle and energy security

Human systems and Geopolitics – such as global organisations and threats to state sovereignty 

Geography is a popular option subject, and whether or not pupils decide to continue their studies into Key Stage 4 or 5 and beyond, we aim to develop learners who understand their planet, have a broad knowledge of its amazing variation and can make links between places, people and the environment both inside and outside of the classroom.