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About Our Subject

The Music department’s desire is to make music accessible for all. In particular, we strive to promote independence and persistence during the creative and rehearsal process, refining their individual work and contributing positively towards ensemble work both in the classroom and through enrichment.

The Music department aims to provide a range of extra-curricular activities and performance opportunities for all abilities, including instrumental tuition through our instrumental tutors. The Music department recognises the need to stretch and challenge the most able students to allow them the opportunity to extend and develop their composition work, to work in mentoring roles and to perform music at the highest possible level, including opportunities to perform in the wider community.

The Music department aims to commit to individualised learning at all levels where it provides a number of different levels of task involving Performing and Composing, Listening and Appraising  at KS3 in a wide range of styles; Individual performance and composing styles and unit option choices through Btec at KS4. Further to the mentoring role our students undertake through our weekly orchestra and Vocal Group rehearsals, we provide a twice yearly Primary Orchestra Workshop where Oldbury Wells musicians work with primary musicians. Our Year 11 students also stage a live concert for our Year 8, promoting the virtues and accessibility of KS4 music.

The Music department works closely with the Drama department to stage an annual production, providing opportunities for all students to take part, of all abilities, whether on stage or back stage. Our higher level instrumentalists have the opportunity to play in the show band, developing their ensemble skills in a professional setting, playing alongside professional musicians, from a demanding, professional score.

The Music department nurtures gifted students in Music to such a level that they are widely respected in the community and are asked to perform with different organisations in local community events.

The strongest vision that the Music department has, however, is to ensure that all students participate in music making for at least their KS3 years if not beyond, enjoying creating and performing their own work, learning and applying their understanding of the language of music, learning the skills of teamwork, organisation and determination whilst striving for accuracy and precision in their work. As a result of this is it is hoped that our students will enjoy the experience, build confidence in themselves and foster a sense of pride in their achievements which comes from creating and performing their own work to the best of their ability.

Oldbury Wells Music Department has been awarded the Music Mark award for four consecutive years (2018-2022) in recognition of our commitment to providing high quality music education for all children and young people.