Inspiring Education, Inspiring Lives!

Our Aims

Oldbury Wells aims to serve the needs of all of its pupils by providing a balanced and broad curriculum. Through this our school demonstrates its commitment to ensuring all pupils achieve their fullest potential and that they make progress in their knowledge, understanding and in their ability to become independent learners. Our curriculum promotes equal opportunities, good behaviour and promotes pupils' spiritual, moral, social, cultural development and an understanding of British values. Through the curriculum pupils' standards and aspirations are raised; it prepares pupils for the opportunities, responsibilities and expectations in later life.

We offer a balanced and broad curriculum in accordance with the National Curriculum and Programmes of Study.

We look for opportunities within the Curriculum to further develop and embed pupils’ skills and understanding in their literacy and their mathematical fluency. Outside the timetabled curriculum, the wider curriculum, we provide enrichment and opportunities for all pupils to flourish in sports, performance, literacy, music, art, and engineering. We have a Careers programme which aims to support all students with the most suitable pathway following their compulsory schooling.

Our Specific aims are to:

  • Ensure all pupils learn and achieve as appropriate to their needs and our expectations. We do this through careful assessment of each pupil’s ability on entry together with information based on pupils Key Stage 2 performance.
  • Identify, target and meet the learning needs of differing groups of students, including students who are most able, underachievers and students with special needs. This is done by regular and carefully scheduled Data Captures to monitor progress and most of all identify where underperformance occurs. This then informs interventions at various levels and in different forms. All teachers plan carefully for different “groups” of pupils.
  • Give all pupils access to the National Curriculum regardless of gender, race or disability. We have a very broad curriculum in Year 7 and in Year 8 which is followed by all students having access to a comprehensive range of subjects with differing qualifications through a flexible Key Stage 4 Options model.
  • Promote all aspects of pupils' spiritual, moral, cultural, mental and physical development. We do this through our broad range of subjects together with a PSHE Programme, planned assembly themes and PE enrichment.  We map this work to ensure good coverage.  
  • Give all pupils knowledge, skills and understanding of British Values and also how to keep themselves safe.  This includes information on Radicalisation and our Prevent Duty.  See Safeguarding / Prevent Policy.  
  • Prepare pupils for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of adult life in a changing world. We do this for example through our subjects and our PSHE careers work together with our IAG work at the end of KS3 and KS4.
  • Equip students with a range of transferable skills to support learning across the curriculum.
  • Develop our curriculum in response to cohort needs and national change. This is done by cohort analysis at the end of each academic year in preparation for the year ahead. Subjects we offer and qualifications pupils access are under constant review.
  • Ensure that Numeracy, Reading and Literacy is integral to all aspects of pupils’ learning both within and outside their curriculum. We believe that good numeracy and literacy skills give students the strong footing needed to be successful. We embed this learning through all subjects.