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Staff Make Video for Students

Ever wondered what your staff were up to during the shut down?

Ever wondered what your staff were up to during the shut down?  

Well, at Oldbury Wells the staff have been developing their real life trick shots and videoing them for the students to enjoy.   Mr Farish, our Head of PE has organised this creative activity and many, many staff were keen to join in.  Several staff found they had new found skills and the best ones have been put together as a film.  


Students - first watch the film and then comes your chance to help make the students' own trick shots film!

Want to be part of our next film?  Now we are going to make the pupil version!

  • Who would have thought that Mr Hailes was so skilled with a football?  Think you can do better?
  • And what about Mrs Griffiths?  Her accuracy in tea bag throwing whilst cleaning the kitchen is hard to believe!  Think you can film a trick shot in your home?
  • We may have guessed that Mr White would be good at trick shots - and his skill with fruit throwing is hard to beat!  Can you beat his accurcy at fruit throwing?
  • Mr Johnson and Mr Farish both showed their skills at tea spoon flipping.  Think this is a skill you could master?

There are some rules that the staff had to follow and there are rules for you too:

  1. Make sure your parent / guardian knows and agrees to you taking part BEFORE YOU START.  You see when we have finished the film it will be on our website and may be used by the school for promotions etc.  So we will need their agreement.
  2. Yes - its fine for other members of the family to help - it works best when someone else like you parent holds the phone.
  3. Only do safe and careful things.  Please, please, please don't break anything!  You will see that staff used plastic objects quite a lot, nothing precious, nothing sharp and no glass.  
  4. Also - this is about small trick shots, not physical, risky things such as tricks on bikes.  Nothing risky allowed as we don't want any risk of injury and A and E!
  5. Your clip must should look fun and must look effortless.
  6. You will probably end up filming a long video until you get the exact shot you are after. ONLY SHORT 05 - 10 SECOND clips can be used.  If you send us a long clip we can't use it.

How to enter and what will happen next:

  1. Email your NAME and FORM with your short 05 - 10 second video to: 
  2. Deadline Tuesday 21st April 2020.  You only have a week for this.
  3. Before we use your clip we will phone your parent or guardian to check they are OK with us using it.
  4. A panel of staff will pick the best clips and Mr Farish will organise for the film being put together. 

Stay safe. Stay home. Have fun.