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Year 7 Photography Competition

The winners are in from the photography competition!

Last half term, the art department set a photography competition for year 7, with two different categories:

Brief: Take some interesting photos or create a piece of artwork of local views, buildings, famous local landmarks, your village or town, or tourist spots.

Brief: Set up an interesting still-life set-up of objects at home with interesting lighting effects, or create a picture made from real fruit or vegetables inspired by the artists Arcimboldo and Carl Warner.

The results from each form are now in! The winners were awarded prizes, and you can see their entries below. The runners up were also recognised on our website and social media channels through a photo gallery! You can view it here:

Well done to the winners from each form: Leyton Yates, Frankie Wright, Zak Baldwin, Charlie Jeavons, Harriet Haden, and Murphy Woodcock.